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What our clients say…

In the beginning, I have been a bit worried to work with a new supplier for a big and rushed project... but now I am super impressed about the quality work of you and your team. You have also added linguistic amends which for us is new as none of our engineers do that.

Working with you is really impressing! We will have more and more projects for you. I’ll let my colleagues know about you ASAP.


UK office is so super happy with this collaboration. They are great!

Positive! Very friendly and professional.


I will definitely contact you again soon. It’s a pleasure to work with you really!

I couldn’t thank you enough for your proactivity and help with this KIID conversion request. Very much appreciated!


I wanted to share some great feedback I received from our client today. They are very happy with our thoroughness and diligence in not missing out anything – so that is all you 🙂 and your team and I want to thank you for such a good job.

I know this project has been challenging so thank your team as well for the great QA work. They do have an eye for detail!


The i-Mind provides a wide range and qualitative services. Our customers are happy with the final output and as a PM, I always receive suggestions from them on the best approach for eLearning projects. Million thanks for the support!


Your job has been always accurate, inlcuding last additional translations.

Thanks and compliments for your professionalism.


I am pleased to inform you that the average feedback left by our Project Managers on your profile has now reached All Star level, which makes you one of our most trusted and reliable partners and a prioritised choice for team lead roles and high profile projects.

As you know, we have a commitment to quality and we could have not earned our reputation without the work of our trusted All Stars, so thank you for your hard work.


It's been a pleasure to work with you, as always. Thanks!


Going ‘Above and Beyond’ for our clients

Case Study ➊ ➁ ➂ ➃ ➄

Localisation of Videos for Online Health and Safety Game






The Background
A big multinational corporation with over 45.000 employees and a presence in more than 80 countries was concerned about injuries (both minor and severe) in their production, storage, and office premises. To address this, they devised a strategy to educate their employees on company safety rules and procedures. One of the materials was an online game which included videos, interactive content, and quizzes.

A total of 20 videos were recorded by several different members of the company's management and needed to be subtitled. Throughout the videos, they consistently used the exact same words to describe their company safety rules and procedures. We knew this consistency was essential and considered it in our preparation process, and also pointed it out to the client.

The content was transcribed, translated and subtitled. Videos with ready subtitles were provided to client validators, among whom were high and middle-level management in every country.
The Problem
After receiving validation we started the localisation process, which aims to adapt subtitles into the local rules for subtitling and better user engagement. At that point, we noticed inconsistency in the translated phrases.  Subtitles contained variations of the translated phrases, to the extent that they did not mean the same thing.

It turned out that the validators who reviewed the videos were different people from different departments within every country. And since these mid-level managers did not have a consistent knowledge on the particular phrases, the result was inconsistent messages being given to their subordinates.
We are quite conscious of cross-file and cross-language consistency, especially when it comes to health and safety. We simply couldn't release such inconsistent subtitles for this crucial safety content. Subtitles had to look the same, read the same, and feel the same for all videos in every language in order to stick in users' minds and eventually prevent injuries in their workplace.
Together with our LSP partners, we agreed on a process. Then we created a consistency tracker and marked all inconsistently used phrases for every target language. We then created a procedure to blend the client's input while maintaining the consistency of the produced content. Together with the end-client, we made crucial decisions on how those phrases should sound for every country and kept one consistent translation though all the videos.
A month later, almost nine months after starting the process of localising the subtitles for those videos, we had perfectly consistent, naturally reading and easily perceived subtitles for all 420 videos.

Our approach to consistency brought to the client's attention that the advocates of their safety rules (their mid-level management) should be educated further even before the game was released for all employees.

The client selected health and safety advocates for various levels of their hierarchy and for every country. They introduced changes in to the interior and exterior of their offices and production sites. And they trained their health and safety advocates with videos, e-learning, and print-outs.
The employees' health and safety improved; severe injuries were reduced to the lowest levels ever for the company. Minor injuries were also considerably reduced.

At The i-Mind, we take pride in our attention to detail, which for this particular project resulted chain of reactions that helped people work in a safer work environment.
Going ‘Above and Beyond’ for our clients

Case Study ➊ ➁ ➂ ➃ ➄

Fashion Industry Client Cost Savings thanks to proper Translation Memory Clean‑up






EUR savings
A fashion brand, that translates print materials, web content and e‑commerce website data, has an increasing TM (translation memory) which is updated twice a week with new releases on their e‑commerce website.

The Problem
Due to the use of various linguists and processes for the localisation of all materials, the TM contained a lot of stylistic, grammar and format inconsistencies.

Consistency was getting worse with every project between web, print, manuals, internal e-learning training and e-commerce platforms. Leveraging XML database files resulted in losing content which was already translated. That was leading to delays, duplication of edits, and additional costs.
To make it easier for our contacts and the linguists, we dealt with all the technical clean-up and covered a list of over 40 fixtures which were not related to the style and terminology stored in the TM (translation memory).

The i-Mind used custom-developed tools and technology which utilised several commercial QA tools along with Microsoft and Google API. These were combined to create a report of imperfections in the content of the TM. Based on that report decisions were made on how deep the cleaning of the TM should be carried out.
The client made a decision to remove all HTML tags from the TM, and create a plain TM format which could be reused and would bring higher leverage results for all of the used materials. We handled the clean-up of over 870.000 words for each of the 21 languages and provided the linguists with conveniently structured guidance and instructions on how to make decisions on the linguistic issues before we implemented these into the TM.

The way we structured the whole process allowed the linguists to very quickly process more than 20k+ words within one working day.
  • REDUCED COSTS through higher leverage matches and less content for review.

  • INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY of the same selected pool of linguists.

  • LESS TAT AND LOWER COST for proofreading.
  • HIGHER CONSISTENCY OF THE TRANSLATIONS across all types of material.

  • TAT IS DOWN BY 50% AND COST IS DOWN WITH ABOUT 28% for all their e-commerce translations.
To maintain the clean state of the TM, all newly translated materials were processed with specially prepared TAG settings that kept the TM clean of HTML tags and other elements that would lead to problems.

Since our clean-up project three years ago, the client carries out quarterly maintenance of the TM which results in minor issues being resolved within couple of days.



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